Holiday Message from GM Matt Hopp

Matt Hopp, InTempo Software

To Our Customers:

It is my pleasure to wish you and your family a happy, restful, and safe holiday season. This has been a difficult year for our customers impacted by hurricanes and fires across areas including Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Puerto Rico, and California. Many of these same people and businesses affected…

How We Prepared Our Rental Business for an Acquisition

Guest Blog Post written by Joe Alonzo

About Joe Alonzo

Joe was a partner and founder of RG Rents, a three-location equipment rental business in St. Louis, Missouri. RG Rents was sold to Sunbelt Rentals in May. Joe was also a partner in Midwest Aerials & Equipment, a four-location rental business acquired by Volvo Rents…

Conversation with Alisha Lange, Director of Marketing at Vandalia Rental

Alisha Lange is the Director of Marketing at InTempo customer Vandalia Rental. With a third location coming to Southwest Ohio, Vandalia Rental’s diversified fleet mix of construction equipment is in high demand. InTempo’s Director of Marketing, Kate Miller, sat down with Alisha to learn about her marketing strategy.…

Three Rental Reports to Boost Your Bottom Line

By Tim Johnson, Director of Customer Care

When I managed a rental store out in Oceanside, California, my job boiled down to a single goal: boost our bottom line. Since those days, I’ve helped thousands of businesses use rental software to maximize profit. In this industry, even small wins can add up over the course of…

Does Your Reporting Tool Have These 4 Features?

Rental businesses collect troves of data over the course of even a single transaction. How easy it is for you to access that data, bring insights to light, and share information with others is another matter. Not all rental software is created equal in this regard. Here are key features to watch out for.

1. Can you…

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