Untether your business with eSign for InTempo Core, for start-to-finish digital processes. With eSign's integration with Core, you can email rental transactions directly from the system with just one click. If desired, you can customize the subject line and message that accompanies each document. Your customers can sign documents wherever they are-- at home or at the job site using any device including a phone or tablet. No paper, no printing, no faxing, no mailing. Less wasted time, less aggravation. Since eSign is free for renters and no account is needed to provide a signature, you can get your contracts back in minutes. Documents sign with eSign come with legal enforceability and offer protection as a binding contract. 

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Speed up Tedious Processes 

Say goodbye to paper and hello to efficiency. Send contracts, delivery/ pickup slips, and other transactions to your renters via email straight from Core with just one click. Customize each document with safety notices and other important information, and choose where to require initals and signatures. Save templates to reuse in the future.

Esign for Core

Trusted. Safe. Secure.

Electronic signatures are trusted, legally binding and enforceable in industrialized countries around the world. You can log in to your eSign account to view, track and manage all documents. 

Esign for Core

Give Renters a Modern Customer Experience

Your customers can sign documents from any device- a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Both you and the renter receive confirmation once the document has been signed. Your customers will also receive automated email reminders for unsigned transactions. It's the seamless experience any modern customer has come to expect.

Esign for Core

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