InTempo Core integrates with mobile workforce management software. With workforce management for Core, dispatchers can optimize routes and communicate accurate delivery and pickup times to customers.

Save Time and Money with Dispatch Management

GPS is much more than merely turn-by-turn navigation; you can dramtically cut down on wasted travel time and fuel costs. Along with route optimization, you can customize the route to be at a specific customer site at any given time. Batch stops directly from Core to the dispatch mangagement system. 

Dispatch Management for Core

Real-Time Automatic Route Updates

If a contract with a delivery and/ or pickup is modified with a date or time change, Core will update the stop automatically in the dispatch management system. As routes are in progress, Core is automatically updated. A delivery/pickup screen lets you see the status of that day's delivery and pickups. Choose to receive email updates with any status changes.

Dispatch Management for Core

Remove Guesswork from Fleet Maintenance

Monitor and analyze fleet maintenance needs and costs. Set up automated email alerts when vehicles need scheduled maintenance such as oil changes or inspections. Trigger alerts based on factors you choose, whether mileage, engine operating time or calendar time.

Dispatch Management for Core

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