With Customer Portal from InTempo Enterprise, you can offer renters online access to their accounts in a pinch. Any modern consumer expects access to the information they want, when they want it. Customer Portal makes this a reality. Not only is the portal a win for the customer; it also cuts out manual processes for the rental business and staff. Your employees don't have to tie up their days responding to requests or returning phone calls and emails. With Customer Portal, all of that information is available at the customer's fingertips. Now you can provide a customer experience that keeps renters coming back to your business time and time again.

Make Doing Business Easy

With Customer Portal, renters can access a range of rental, sales and account information whenever they want. They can view and print invoices, see equipment on rent, pay invoices online, pull trend analysis and job costing reports, and more. Customers can schedule reports for automatic email delivery with just a few clicks. 

Customer Portal for Enterprise

Get Paid Faster & Reduce Discrepancies

Customer Portal includes a robust accounts receivable module where your customers can review aging, open and paid invoices and payment history. It's easy and fast. 

Customer Portal for Enterprise

Safe & Secure

You have control over your Customer Portal. Customers gain access to the Portal securely through your website. Only you can grant them authorization to create an account. 

Customer Portal for Enterprise

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