Over 30 Years in the Making. And We’re Just Getting Started. 

"If you run a local or regional independent rental operation, we started InTempo specifically to serve you. With our unique mix of flexible technology, expert customer care and community resources, we can help you get your business where you want it to be. This company is built on the rock solid foundation of Solutions by Computer and RentalMan, the forces behind the software that has powered rental operations for decades." 

-Matt Hopp, General Manager, InTempo Software

Who You Are & How We Can Help

If you rent inventory, track internal equipment, and financially account for inventory, your software should be flexible enough to meet your needs. At InTempo Software, we build customized solutions for local and independent regional rental operators across equipment, tool, event and specialty markets. But we're more than a technology company; we're also a service company with deep experience working with rental businesses like yours. As an InTempo customer, a support team is dedicated to your success at every turn in the road. And beyond the walls of our offices, we work to forge relationships and foster a community among our users, who benefit from sharing information and learning from one another.   

Our equipment rental software systems include InTempo Enterprise (formerly RentalMan®), InTempo Core (formerly Enfinity®) and CounterPro® desktop, mobile and cloud-based applications. InTempo does not sell “lite” versions of software, so you are able to use the exact same functionality regardless of whether your solution is hosted at your location or in the cloud. 

Our Past, Present & Future

In 1982, Jack Shea, then a Vice President at Taylor Rental, founded Solutions by Computer in Springfield, Massachusetts. Solutions transformed rental operations across the nation by ushering in the era of computerized systems. Over the next four decades, Solutions continued to develop cutting-edge rental solutions. Wynne Systems, another industry-leading rental software company and a Solutions sister company, launched its RentalMan product in 1992. InTempo Software combines the wealth of industry knowledge and resources behind Solutions by Computer and RentalMan to unlock new opportunities for our customers. With a strong focus on product development, dedicated care and community, we seek to be the last software company our customers ever turn to.

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