Texas Rental Chain Drives Up Efficiency with InTempo System Conversion         

Straight from the Customer

Nancy Perez, Vice President | A Clean Portoco
Southern and Central Texas


Customer Change Management

"We worked with InTempo to create the rate sets that are right for our business."

We had CounterPro for 14 years, and it was time to move to a more modern platform. Enfinity (now InTempo Core) equipment rental software has turned out to be a good solution. InTempo understands that portable sanitation is not a typical rental. With our customers, there are a lot of add-ons and partial returns, and it’s all done on the original order. The number of rental units can change up or down, and the service fees are prorated if the customer changes the frequency of the service calls. It’s not an easy thing to automate, but InTempo Core handles it.

Route Optimization

“We were one of the first adopters of StreetEagle in the rental industry.”

When customers pay for sanitation service, they have a right to expect us to show up on time. StreetEagle gives us a way to monitor our trucks and drivers, and start them off with an optimized route for the day. Optimization is a big deal, because the system is constantly adjusting for new contracts or changes to existing contracts. We make manual adjustments as well—for example, we know that certain customers have to be serviced at a certain time before the gates are locked. So we manipulate those stops before we finalize the route.

The bottom line is, the drivers don’t have to guess at the best way to go, and we don’t have to guess when they’ll be back. If a service route shows a drive time of two and a half hours, we can estimate that a driver should be out roughly five hours on that day. Later, we cross-check the service call documentation and barcode scans against the StreetEagle tracking report. We hear very few customer complaints about missed stops.

Confidence in the Numbers

“Within less than one hour of the last day of the month, we have all the preliminary numbers in hand.”

We started using the AccuPro accounting software with CounterPro, and it works just as well with InTempo Core. We have five different companies, all of which utilize AccuPro. I can see every detail—exactly how much each company spends on expenses and tools and repairs and tires per vehicle. To me, that’s a huge selling factor. AccuPro is much stronger than the bookkeeping packages you buy off the shelf, with better checks and balances. And because it’s integrated with our rental operations, the data feeds automatically into the ledger.

Reliable Customer Support

“I appreciate getting status updates on my support requests.”

With InTempo’s customer support system, I get automatic updates by email so I am able to track the status of my support requests. Support is easy to reach and responsive, and I like the comfort of knowing that if there’s an emergency, I can call any time.

A Fresh Start

“InTempo was very supportive throughout the whole process.”

One of the most challenging things about the conversion, for me, was the inventory data prep. I wanted to clean up any inaccuracies before we started running on InTempo Core. So it took some time, and there were a few more things we had to figure out along the way, but now we’ve got a great start on the new system. It’s easier to train new people on Core. And we’re managing our trucks and drivers with better information, because Core and StreetEagle talk directly to each other. It’s definitely been the right move for us.

“Core’s integration with StreetEagle has made things a lot more efficient for everyone— our customers, our office staff and our drivers. We’ve been able to cut one to two hours of drive time off each route.”   


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